Cola Ice e-liquid by IVG is a fizzy drink blend with a cooling kick.

The sugary taste of cola is consistent throughout, and complemented by an ice flavour to create a balanced and delicious e-liquid.

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IVG – Cola Ice Salt. Your absolute favourite fizzy drink with a hint of ice! Scrummy cola. I vape great! Premium e-liquids.

All IVG e-liquids are manufactured in the UK and tested in ISO9001-approved laboratories.

IVG have earned many awards from around the world including Best UK Brand in the UK to Best International Brand in Canada.

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Discovering the ideal vape juice online or at any liquid vape shop can often feel like a daunting task. Many users miss out on the enchanting experience that nicotine-infused vape juice can offer due to the underwhelming taste of most e-liquids available. Enter the world of IVG premium e-liquids, renowned as one of the top e-liquid brands in the UK. Not only do these e-liquids boast an array of exotic flavors, but they also deliver an unparalleled vaping experience that is truly unique. Unlock the magic of IVG premium e-liquids for a taste and vaping journey unlike any other.
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I Love VG, better known as IVG e-liquids, is more than just a brand; it's a connection between your vaping experience, love, and passion. With a global presence spanning over 60 countries across 6 continents and a journey that began in 2016, IVG has captured the hearts of millions of vapers worldwide. What started as a side investment project by a law firm CEO in the United Kingdom has transformed into one of the world's leading e-liquid brands. IVG offers a diverse range of premium e-juices, serving a vast customer base and shipping hundreds of thousands of products globally every month. While these numbers might suggest complexity, IVG remains committed to simplicity, efficiency, and speed in their operations. Explore IVG e-liquids and indulge in the seamless fusion of passion and quality in every vape.


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