Efest Lush Box Charger

Efest Lush Box Battery Charger and Portable Power Supply
The new Lush Box, by EFEST is a slick and affordable USB powered charger that can charge 2 x 18650 batteries (only) independently or can be reversed and used as a power supply to recharge your phone or anything with a USB cable.



Packaging Contents:

Efest Lush Box Charger
AC Adapter
User Manual

Additional Features:

Over Discharge Protection
Over Voltage Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
Durable Construction – Fire Retardant & Fire Resistance
Piano Wire Springs
Low Resistance Steel Cathodes
Hard Chromium Plating


AC Input Power: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
Auto Cut-Off Voltage: 4.20 (+/-0.05V)

Compatible with:
18650 unprotected, flat top only




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